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So, here I am. North Carolina. (Just not SOME people) I made it in one peice. It was a crazy trip, though..

We left at around 8:30 this morning because I went to pack..then fell asleep with my bass. I was playing along with Wake Me Up When September Ends lying on my bed with it on my stomach..I was confy. Anyway, since the intro is so long, I fell asleep! I then woke up at 7 this morning and woke my mom up, we got ready to go, yadda yadda yadda. I got bored and decided to alphabatize my CD's..then listen to them in chronigical(?) order..starting with Green Day, because I was in a mood for some.....BJ guitar action? Hah. Well, I fell asleep durring "I Was There" and woke up to a squeeling guitar in "Dry Ice" was a..screeching alarm. Then, I was all freaked out from the half-build bridges in I just chilled with Dookie. Go to Akron, went to IHOP, then Borders (got 3 books in a new Manga series - Hot Gimmick, that I finished before Virgina..) and, y'know..chilled out in the front seat. Green Day got me through Ohio, and Bowling for Soup and my Mom got me here..Nothing exciting happened from there. BUT - I did get my bass, Michael, in the trunk. Wee! So, I have my family..a new city to explore, and a good week of nice weather infront of me! Oops..Adam iss home (room-mate) and we're getting pizza! Gotta jet! <3

Check out the high school down here:
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This is it..I'm off. I'll try and call whoever this week..Jill has AIM, so mabye I'll talk to some of you then!

Tashie - think about him without me!
Casey - woot...*hand down..moves upward*
Jeff - good luck with the lessons
Bethie - I love you!!!
Emmy - Yummy, swiss cake rolls..
Jason - Good luck with your gigs and such! Have FUN!
Everyone else - I love you more!
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Yay! It is offical! I'm going to go see Bowling for Soup, American Hi-Fi, and the Riddlin' Kids Febuary 3rd in Detroit!!! I love seeing BFS at St. Andrew's's such a great place for a concert. I'm really excited!! Wooooo!! Oh, and I decided to name my bass Michael, because I really, really like that name....
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You and me had such wonderful times when I'm all by myself..

Today was..amazing. First day like this in a while. Honestly - everything worked out great. Slept good, woke up nicly, make-up looked good..started out good. Then I got out of band for drama which I don't have a part in anymore, so I just hung out with Courtney and Natasha backstage for 2 hours! Holy shit - that was a good time. Lol. Then went to English - watched a movie. Homeroom - hung out with Raven! I had to go to my weekly counceling(?) appt. today in Math, so I have no idea what we did..Lunch was fun. Then someone challenged me on my Green Day knowledge..hahah. That was so much fun. Then Natasha and I walked around the gym and just dicked around..Science was fine, paid no attetion because I have a knot in my neck. Owwie. Then I just read my Drum magazine that I bought off Chris because it has some GD tabs. Woot. Lol. 3 bucks..amazing price. Woo and hoo for Chrissifer! Bus was fine - rocked out to International Superhits. Now I'm spending some time alone/packing before we head off to NORTH CAROLINA this evening!!! YAY WARM WEATHER!! 75 degrees the whole week.

I can't wait. I love you more. <3 Comments make me happy. :)

Casey - "Hi..I'm Mike. I play the bass.."
Natasha - I love ya, chica..sorry I lost your note. :(
Jason - I. Want. Mustard. Suit. Or my tabs..those'll work, too.. :P
Karolyn - I missed my bitch today. :(
Anyone else - I love you all. More than you'll ever love me - nobody REALLY loves me..heh. <33

EDIT: I wore some kickass Pac Man earrings today, too...they're hott sexx!!
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This is ironic.

I can't see out of my left eye.

Which happens to be my bad eye.

Y'know..the one that makes me lagally blind..

And everything is blurry..

And I want your goddamn mustard suit, Jason..
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I hate days like this..

The days when I miss you so much it hurts..

I want you back here so bad..


I miss you..

I need someone to talk to who understands..
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