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"Who IS that guy?!?"

Dum da dum! I went to bed around 2 because I watched Green Day do Jesus of Suburbia on Last call with Carson Daily(?)..Paul kept asking questions like, "Is that Tre dude the drummer? He's creepy.." or "Hey! *refering to Jason* Who'se the guy hanging out back there? Y'know..he's just..standing there!! Playing his guitar! I've never seen him before..There's..erm..Billie Joe..and then Tre, then that bass guy..but WHO THE HELL IS HE?!?!?!" I laughed and was like, "That's Jason...*sigh* I heart Jason!" He looked at me weird..hen went back to reading Star Wars. Hah. I'm already on the 6th Hot Gimmick book..jesus. I'll have to start them over at the rate I'm going. When I get home, anyone wanna do a Manga trade? Heh..<3

Oh, yeah..we're looking at houses today. Whoopee..
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