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Woot. Today was funny! Mom and I went off to Winston-Salem, only she grabbed the wrong directoins! So we ended up driving around North Carolina for 2 hours! Then I just checked out NCCA - North Carolina College of the Arts! It was really pretty, but not for me. I mean, ME?? CLASSICAL PERCUSSIONIST?!?! I'd fit in like a girl with her lip peirced in the Queen of England's royal court! Hahah. So Mom and I drove around the art district, but I didn't fele the greatest, so we just drove. Then we went to the FIRST EVER Krispy Kream! WOOT! I got some Manga from Borders, the 4-6th in that Hot Gimmick series I'm reading and UK's Drummer magazine with Mr. cool on the cover! :) Tomorrow, Paul, Mom, and I are going to Raleigh to check out NC State, something else, and DUKE!!! I'm so so so so soooooooooo excited! FUCKING DUKE UNIVERSITY! TOP 10 SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah, I'm wayyyyyyy excited! XD Friday, Paul and I are gonna be guest students at Jill's high school. I have 2bd hour something-or-other, 2nd hour I dunno, lunch, 3rd period BAND and 4th period HISTORY with "Mrs. Ridenour"!! Wee!! There's this girl in my sister's class that is in 3rd period band who plays the trupet and is in COLOR GUARD! WEE!! They have 25 girls in their guard..guard to them is like guard to Durand. A BIG part of the show. I'm uber excited! GAH! I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!! I'M GOING TO DUKE! I'M GOING TO FUCKING DUKE UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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