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a. Choose 10 of your friends
b. Write something about/to each of them.
c. Don't tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how much they beg.

1) You can always make me feel better - even if you're in a bad mood, too.
2) You are insane and have no idea and yet - always know what's going on.
3) You drive me insane, I wanna strangle you..but I love talking to you.
4) We may not talk a lot in public, but we talk a lot more than people may think.
5) You've become one of my best friends since marching band..and I love you so much.
6) Your voice is amazing - even if you think it sucks.
7) I'm going to miss you next year so're the greatest girl for core I know.
8) I love you so so so so much, even if you have a boyfriend (lol) and we don't get to hang out a lot anymore.
9) You will always be mine, even if you have a boyfriend.
10) Never *really* met you, but talking to you always brightens my day.
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