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Friends Only
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Do not add me if:
you are a pedophile.
you hate green day.
you hate bowling for soup.
you don't agree with my taste in music.
you can't put up with me talking about boys 24/7.
you don't like people who update at least twice a day.
you don't like cake.
you get annoyed when i talk about boys.
you don't like it when i babble about my rock star crush.
you apply to any one of these guidelines.

If you don't apply to any of these guidelines,
add away!! I'll more than likely add you back!

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New friend1 <3

CheckeredFairie (3:54:57 PM): Paul's just playing video big deal.
RandomR3b3l (3:55:51 PM): Yeah it is no big deal
RandomR3b3l (3:55:52 PM): he sucks
CheckeredFairie (3:55:59 PM): Very good.
RandomR3b3l (3:57:53 PM): I am
CheckeredFairie (3:59:05 PM): Sure.
RandomR3b3l (3:59:36 PM): *for
RandomR3b3l (3:59:41 PM): fixed that one for ya
CheckeredFairie (3:59:49 PM): Fo' sho.
RandomR3b3l (3:59:53 PM): yep
CheckeredFairie (3:59:55 PM): lol
RandomR3b3l (3:59:56 PM): that's the oneNew friends! <2